July 28, 2006

Nazi Party of Tehran

now here is an editorial that would never be written for a European newspaper. It is about the war in Lebanon and demands that it is time for Iran to end the killing. Amazing, not blaming everything on the eeeevil joooooz for not accepting their proper station is to act as as Hezbollah target practice, and not releasing child killer Samir Kuntar (now there is an appropriate name). The writer even mentions who started this confrontation, Hezbollah
Hezbollah, aka the Party of God, touched off the current conflagration by kidnapping two Israeli soldiers and killing three others in a cross-border raid just over two weeks ago. That attack was only the latest in a long series of often fatal harassment actions conducted by the terrorist group since it filled the void left by Israel's withdrawal from southern Lebanon in 2000.
Even more daring the author gets strips through the blindfold of self hate worn by so many european journalists to talk about what Hezbollah really is
When one strips away all the emotional and political baggage from the situation in the Middle East, the present conflict is at its heart a battle between a liberal democracy and a fascist dictatorship. It should be no trouble to figure out which side is in the right. Yet events in the Middle East are seen through one's individual political prejudices. In the West, too many on the Left are unable to put aside their reflexive anti-Americanism and romantic beliefs that Islamic radicals are simply freedom fighters to judge the situation fairly. ... if those who blame Israel were to put away their anti-American prejudices and forget for a moment the half-baked postmodern narrative of colonisers and liberators, they would see in Hezbollah something that could just as easily be called the Nazi Party of Tehran.
Read the whole thing, since you are unlikely to see anything like it in the european media.


Blogger Devil's Kitchen said...

It's odd, eh? I was talking to a quite intelligent student at the weekend who would consider herself a compassionate person and she was talking as though Hezbollah were some kind of freedom fighters.

I had to slap her down in the most comprehensive way; I pulled her up on the "freedom fighter" attitude and then started on the Genenva Conventions argument when she started on the "Israelis are war criminals" line.

Naturally, she is an avid grauniad reader. I despair sometimes, I really do.


12:27 pm  
Blogger chris said...

It could be that compassion that clouds reason. As Neil Harding pointed out (yes really, he did make a good point) much of the Al Groan reading left instinctively side with whatever they think is the underdog. Since freedom and letting people get on with their lives is a good way of becoming successful, while subjecting people to a life of totalitarian horror is a good way for crippling their success, siding with the underdog will also often mean siding with people pledged to the destruction of freedom. As has happened quite clearly over Israel and Hezbollah.

7:42 pm  

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